Just imagine yourself staging a beauty pageant that would distinguish what would be the most elegant light fixture in the entire world. There are undeniably a lot that will qualify for the title and for sure, it would be competitive to the point that judges will scratch their heads as they make one of the toughest decisions ever in the history of the illumination industry. However, at the end of the night, the fairest of them all would have to be the Murano glass chandelier as it will be declared the winner.

Maybe you have not yet seen what a Murano glass chandelier looks like that is why you are wondering why not the Crystal candle, Pine cone or Wrought iron bagged the crown. You should get hold of a picture now so you can wholly understand why. Kidding aside, it is because of its charming beauty, timeless glamour, sophisticated style and gorgeous architecture.

A Murano glass chandelier dates back to the ancient times when the kinds of Merlin in King Arthur’s chronicle were very rampant. Meaning, when there were plenty of wizards that depended much on their crystal balls to take a peek on what it is in the future, which by the way, is never true but plain conceptions of rational imagination. Even before Italian Maruis Sabino became very renowned because of his skill, the raw material used has always been linked with exquisiteness.

The history of a Murano glass chandelier can be traced back in the first millennium in Venice. The place has over a thousand years of tradition in blowing a transparent atomic structure. Except for some few technical changes to the furnaces, the industry of which has remained the same until today. Master artisans still utilize similar pipes as well as instruments as it was how many periods ago. Now, it is recognized as one of the best quality and form all over the globe.

A Murano glass chandelier has an aesthetic worth. It can be very evident in the lattice details down to the montages, cerulean blues down to the psychedelics and delicate patterns down to the frills, it has learned to capture the magic that has been taking captive its collectors. The thing that makes it very special is that silica is its base ingredient and it is composed of sand which makes it very complicated to manufacture a very clear one. The ability to generate one with no defects was only proven in Venice. They instead apply quartz pebbles that are gathered from the rivers of Adige and Ticino.

Another essential substance is the fluxing agent that lowers the melting point. There are many of its kind and the most ordinary is the Levant soda ash. It is then mixed with magnesium from Piemont which was called as the soap of those who make it. The matters that composed of one are very necessary but the person’s talent is also a huge consideration. All in all, it is a blend of the best of the best.