Stimulation for the Sputnik Chandelier – A Shattering Sputnik History The birth of the Space Age began on October 4, 1957 when the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik 1, the world’s first ever artificial satellite only about the size of a basketball, weighing 183 pounds and taking only about 98 minutes to elliptical-orbit the planet Earth. The Russians equipped the Sputnik with transmitters broadcasting on frequencies at 20 and 40 MHz so everyone will know it is up there.

And it did caught attention. Newspapers read “REDS ORBIT ARTIFICIAL MOON” “CIRCLES GLOBE EVERY 90 MINUTES”. The launch marshaled new political, military, technological, and scientific developments, marking the start of the Space Age and the US – USSR space chase. The launch of the Sputnik changed everything. It caught the world’s attention especially the American public. Its size was more impressive than the United State’s Vanguard intended at 3.5 pounds. Immediately after the Sputnik launch, the United States Defense Department hastily approved the funding for another satellite project apart from their reversed Vanguard. Wernher Von Braun and his Army Redstone Arsenal team began work on the Explorer, in order to respond to the political uproar, and to rest the public.

The American public feared that the USSR’s ability to launch satellites also means the Soviet Communism’s capability to also launch ballistic missiles that could carry noxious nuclear weapons from Europe all the way to US. Then again, the Soviets strikes again, launching their Sputnik II on November 3, and this time carrying a much heavier consignment and including a dog named Laika.

The Sputnik launch also holds responsible for directly compelling the US’s creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – the NASA.

  • A sudden astounding event stirring the minds including the next generations’.

The Sputnik Lamp and The Sputnik Chandelier

The Sputnik launches may have put a new light to world. Yet certainly, it has brought a brilliant insight to interior design styles – Space Age dיcor. Lamp designs started to follow through Sputnik’s shape itself. And the popular 1950’s Sputnik lamps subsequently inspired the creation and launch of yet another Sputnik Chandelier. An Eames Era brass Sputnik Chandelier is a stupefying 28 inch starburst ball lighting, the perfect semblance of the Space Age scuffle, a stunning piece saturated in hand blown epergne-style Italian Murano glass shades shining 10 light sockets, a must have for any Modern ‘Space Age’ collection. The Antique Murano Sputnik Chandelier – Year: Circa 50’s, Status: Sold.